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Embody Learning: the New Teaching Model that is Changing Education, Changing Lives


Children never forget learning that engages them emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually.

Embody Learning is the new arts integration.  If you thought arts integration is only about art, think again.

Embody Learning is about HOW TEACHERS TEACH.  The model engages students deeply in math, English, science and yes, the arts, along with all subjects that provide the foundation for a lifelong passion for learning.

Embody Learning uses strategies in which students quite literally embody content intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. Embody Learning uses strategies to create lessons that engage students in meaningful, authentic learning.

Students depend on teachers to make learning relevant and engaging.  And teachers depend on the skills and tools they get from Embody Learning.




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Details of the Model

The model

The Embody Learning model is constructed on three powerful acts that ensure student learning: Engage, Explore, Show.  These bring the physical, intellectual, emotional and social energies of each student into every well planned lesson.                                               

teacher tools

Experience, creativity, and a teacher's own interest in helping students succeed are the best tools they bring to the Embody Learning classroom.  We do provide a set of additional guides for teachers, school staff, and districts to transform their classrooms - rubrics, curriculum charts, assessment guides and strategy guides.


Teachers will add to their professional and personal capacity to engage students by practicing skills in presentation, innovation, improvisation and collaboration.  Once thought casual byproducts in the classroom, these skills become easy to share with students.


We can show a solid and consistent increase in test scores in Embody Learning classrooms.  Teachers provide data that proves an increase in student engagement skills during instruction.  But the real measure of the impact of Embody Learning is the full engagement so clearly visible every day in Embody Learning classrooms.

core strategies

Strategies are techniques that teachers build into daily lessons that are proven to engage students.  Among a full library of Embody Learning strategies are three core strategies: Human Clay, Tableau, Content Imaging.                                                                                    

Services: Training +

Once a teacher understands the simple premise of Embody Learning, she or he can begin the practice immediately, with no expense and little study.  However, an individual, school teams and school districts have a range of options for getting professional development, program design, strategic planning, technical support and, in 2017, an app for smart devices for guidance in planning and presenting Embody Learning lessons.


[My education] was the starting point for every opportunity I’ve had in my life.
— Michelle Obama


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