Teachers: A new level of student engagement and success in your classroom
Teachers: A new level of student engagement and success in your classroom

We're embodying verbs!

...We're having fun
...We're learning
...and data shows we'll score higher on tests

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Three steps to engage every student in every lesson.


Students focus their social, emotional, intellectual and physical energy.


With new content, students negotiate, take risks, experiment, imagine and innovate in the pursuit understanding and meaning.


Students demonstrate their discoveries in a dynamic revelation of student learning.

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  2. Student Engagement Guide (90 pages print)
  3. Embody Learning Lesson Planning Video
  4. Six Webinars
  5. Invitation to preview the Teaching Coach App

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Hundreds of Classrooms

We spent the last five years testing and tuning Embody Learning, working with teachers and students in our pursuit of a model that will have an impact on millions of students in every classroom in YOUR classroom immediately.


Text for Future section: FUTURE: Register for the free Barebones package above and we will share classroom practices of your peers. Share your ideas at info@embodylearning.com