It’s Showtime!

Engage, Explore, and Show are the three main ideas in the Embody Learning model. In our recent posts we talked about engagement and exploration. Now it’s time for students to show the knowledge they have gained. Showing what they have discovered through their learning process reveals how well they understand the material. For some students it may also be a big step in moving out of their comfort zone, which is essential in gaining new knowledge! Collaboration skills and building trust enables individuals to take risks, and students leading groups or presenting content.

The Closing Focus

At this point in the Embody Learning model, students have been engaged with their learning and they have experienced exploration. Igniting that sense of curiosity: what happens next and collaborating for answers are important steps in the Embody Learning model. Now it is time to demonstrate those discoveries and develop a sense of self-confidence in the process.

In the Embody Learning model, students come together to display the knowledge they have gained thus far. Sometime a single student will step up and often groups of students come together to share what they have learned. This is not learning by rote or a mere regurgitation of information they may or may not have ingested mentally. This model uses a holistic approach to learning involving multiple senses. For example, students may demonstrate what a verb looks like or sounds like to them, or how numbers actually move in an equation, or what it feels like when a seed turns into a plant and blooms.


We have learned that students enjoy the experience of bringing their entire selves into the learning process. Embody Learning supports a wide range of learning and teaching modalities. Movement, sound, intellectual, emotional and social engagement are all a part of the process allowing all students to participate regardless of their skill level or preferred learning style. Everyone has the opportunity to participate and everyone gets to demonstrate what she or he has learned.

The demonstration phase of the Embody Learning model is like watching a flower bloom, petal after petal unfolding. The amount of content that students bring to the demonstration is impressive, especially to those teachers new to Embody Learning.

When it comes down to it, implementing the Embody Learning method with your existing curriculum makes teaching and learning an engaging exploration of multiple possibilities. The result is a demonstration of how eager and willing students are to learn when given an avenue to learn in an organic fashion.

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