Knowledge: It’s Only Power When You Use It!

People are fond of the old saying, “Knowledge is power!” Makes you want to go right out and rake in all the knowledge you can get your hands on. The truth is, knowledge is only knowledge until you put it to work. As an educator you have a wealth of knowledge to impart to your students. Yet, if you’ve been at this teaching game awhile you may be a little jaded.

Year after year some students seem to fall through the cracks; you want to help all of them learn but time is in short supply, help is in even shorter supply. You would like to see every student engaged. You would like to know that you are reaching each one and that everyone has learned something during those school hours. You would like to see the power of knowledge manifest in your students. The Embody Learning model is the answer.

Revving the Engines

Imagine getting a brand new sports car. There it sits, pristine, sleek, roof down and you can tell it’s made for the open road. You get in, turn the key and sit there. Or maybe you gently press the accelerator and drive around the block at a speed of 30 mph. The car has the power, but it needs someone who is willing to use that power. Your classroom is that sleek sports car. You have the ability to make it run well, efficiently and powerfully.

The Embody Learning model provides educators with the tools to bring out the best in their students. It also brings out the best in teachers. Your passion for students and teaching along with your experience, talents and aspirations are strengths you’ve been developing and will continue to develop. This learning model supports your strengths: whether you are a soft-voiced introvert, don’t believe you are very creative, face students who are difficult to inspire, are just tired and out of ideas–Embody Learning is a proglem solver. At the same time, by using this method of learning, you discover how to work around your weaknesses and over time they too may become strengths.

Hitting the Open Road

Most teachers are by nature creative whether or not they realize it. The Embody Learning method allows you to build on not only your best ideas, but your best attributes as well. You put to use your optimism, patience, insight, attention to detail, the ability to see the big picture, creativity, fairness, courage . . . all these things and so much more. This is the power that gets your car, your classroom, going.

Using the Embody Learning model your students will begin to work with new learning modalities. You’ll see all the students in your classroom become engaged in learning. You’ll see them work together supporting innovative ideas and celebrating shared successes. This is the power behind the knowledge of the Embody Learning model. It gives you the capacity to transform how you teach and how your students learn every day.

Visit the Embody Learning website for information about this learning method and download your free sample of tips from the Student Engagement Guide.