The Perfect [Student] Engagement

The Embody Learning model is built around three key areas: Engage, Explore, Show. Using these three concepts in your lessons helps your students at all skill levels grow and learn. Let’s look first at Engagement. No doubt you’ve taken what you may consider to be more than your share of classes to get where you are today. Think back to those classes where you were not engaged at all.

Regardless of whether or not you understood the information, lack of engagement made it difficult to learn. If you were one of the more gifted students, your mind wandered off to other things. You still got good grades in the class, but you probably drifted through it watching the clock or distracting yourself until the time was up. Lack of engagement leads to lack of focus. There isn’t anything to tether the student to the lesson.

Baiting the Hook and Tossing It In

Getting students engaged is like fishing. You have to bait the hook correctly then toss it in the water to catch the fish. Kids have lots of energy. That energy bounces off the walls, ceilings and floors and it will bowl you over if you aren’t careful. On the other hand, if you bait your hook carefully, you can draw that energy into laser focus.

It begins with you. Notice how your own energy is focused. If you come inspired with positive “can-do” energy, it shows in your body language and your students will feel it.

Think of that class in your educational career that truly inspired you. Chances are the instructor was not boring or disinterested. He or she brought life into the room and it sparked energy in you. In that class, you experienced the joy of learning. This is the baited hook you toss into the waters of your classroom. As you engage your students in the joy of learning, not only will you be teaching them lessons, you’ll be learning something, too.

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