You Deserve to Be Appreciated

Teaching, like being a parent – especially when you’re a mom – can sometimes feel like a thankless job. Some teachers have the ideal situation where parents are encouraging and supportive, of both their kids and their kids’ instructors. If only all teachers had it like that. Too often, the norm is the scenario where teachers are wearing many hats at once as they juggle being referee, disciplinarian, babysitter, confidant and a few other roles while, at the same time, attempting to teach. No wonder it’s exhausting!

Speaking of exhausting jobs, May is the month in which we celebrate Mother’s Day. Many mothers would agree that maybe it should be a monthly celebration, because of all the roles they must play. Also, Teacher Appreciation Week falls in this month of awakening. As the curtain drops on Winter’s antics and rises on the refreshment of Spring, it’s a perfect time to reflect on all the good you, as a teacher, do for others.

Take Time for Yourself

It’s interesting how the three pillars of the Embody Learning Model can be applied to so many things, even learning to embrace self-appreciation. Engage, Explore, Show – the three elemental perspectives of this learning method can also apply to teachers learning how to show themselves appreciation.

You deserve time and attention. These commodities are hard to come by for many in the profession of educating others. With lessons to plan and deliver, paperwork to complete and bureaucratic hoops to jump through, teachers often find there is little time for self-care. The end of the school year finds many crawling to the finish line having given their last ounce of energy for kids who are pumped with the anticipation of summer fun.

Caring for the Caretaker

Among the many roles you take on as a teacher, don’t forget the overarching role of caretaker. Nurturing these young lives and working to instill a thirst for knowledge can be a daunting task. Those hours in the classroom you care for the future of the country and the world. Taking care of yourself is crucial to your ability to be at your best as an educator.

Those words may seem a little dramatic, but when you consider the vast majority of the great leaders in this country had some kind of formal schooling, it makes sense. Teachers play a critical role in the development of today’s youth. That status needs to be appreciated. In our next post, we will look at how the Embody Learning Model can be applied to teacher appreciation.

If you are not familiar with the Embody Learning Model, we invite you to browse through the information on our website. Be sure to email us with any questions you may have. Embody Learning makes learning an adventure.