Meet the teachers who refine the Embody Learning model in their classrooms. 


Jean, Cheryl and Melissa practice Embody Learning in their classrooms every day in Peoria Unified School District in the western Phoenix, AZ, suburb of Glendale. Working with like-minded colleagues and administrators, the Peoria Trio ensures that Embody Learning is 100 percent real for teachers. They have valuable insights for you on Embody Learning Podcasts. Soon you can engage them live in upcoming Webinars.


Jean Cole

I have been teaching in the elementary classroom for 32 years in grades pre-k-5th grade. The majority of my  teaching career was spent in an  elementary school that focused on  using arts integration strategies as the foundation  for teaching academic skills to  students.  Working to empower students  in the learning process, I collaborate with fellow teachers and model high engagement lessons and Embody Learning  strategies to use with their students .  

Students are up moving, creating, and demonstrating their learning through these highly engaging strategies.  Seldom do I teach a lesson today that does not involve my students putting their "learning in their body."  Over the course of my career, these teaching strategies have helped me to evolve my teaching practices for the 21st century.


Cheryl Mertz

Cheryl Mertz is a master teacher trainer with 29 years of experience as a Curriculum and Instruction Coach, a Gifted Cluster Coach, and an Arts Integration Coach in Arizona Public Schools. She recently retired from Peoria Unified School District in Arizona, and continues to work as a consultant for Embody Learning®, Moving Through Math, an Arts-Integration group based in Washington, D.C., and Art Full Teaching, LLC, Cheryl’s company in Arizona.

Cheryl is skilled in a wide range of arts integrated teaching strategies that connect visual arts, drama, music, and movement to all areas of the elementary curriculum.  She writes Arts-Integrated curriculum and creates Arts Integration training and Professional Development.

Arts-Integrated teaching is Cheryl’s true passion. She is committed to sharing how the arts support meaningful learning through engaging students intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.


Melissa Shaver

Melissa Shaver teachers at Frontier Elementary School in the Peoria Unified School District in Phoenix, Arizona. She is one of the “Tres Amigas” with fellow Peoria teacher/coaches Jean Cole and Cheryl Mertz who have been part of Embody Learning development in recent years. Like her colleagues, Melissa has based her classroom practice on the principles of active learning and student engagement. With her colleagues, she has developed some of the training and coaching content for Embody Learning.