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You have access to Embody Learning in several formats.

Areas of Practice


Impact 3-4

In-school professional development and classroom modeling and coaching transforms teacher classroom practice over the course of a school year. The program starts with an introductory training followed by three-day Impactsessions four times during the school year. These on-site sessions bring Embody Learning facilitators into classrooms, working with teachers, to model Embody learning with students using the lesson content. Teachers and facilitators plan lessons together, since planning is where the connection is made between content and strategy. Download the Informational brochure here.

Strategic planning

Any intervention in education that is as effective as Embody Learning resonates throughout a school. That's why schools work with our senior staff to develop a strategic plan that builds on the Embody Learning classroom practices as a school operating model. It becomes the model on which curriculum is built and it addresses the primary goals, such a parent involvement, community engagement, student achievement in specific academic areas (math and English are common), student attendance, fund raising and teacher professional development. Such a strategic plan is more tactical than previous plans, we are told, as they define action, interim goals, measurable outcomes AND the tools and methods for achievement.

gallego report

This is a case study of working with a small staff in a larger intermediate arts school. You may download the report and learn about what program components were implemented and the outcomes measured in this modest setting. The results were most promising and encouragingly replicable. Be inspired. Download the report here.                                                                                                              


Overview Embody Learning with your team, in one school or many, across the district or across your state. Provide a clear picture of the possible impact Embody Learning can have on teaching and learning. We cover the three pieces of the model - Engage, Explore, Show - and we discuss the skills of practice and application. We also invite how the model needs to take shape in your setting, overlaying your curriculum, addressing your population of students and fitting perfectly into the hands of your teachers.                                                                                                                           

App Coming

Embody Learning is developing technology that will bring Embody Learning to teachers across the country (and the world) through smart devices. Likely to be an app and supporting web resource, the Embody Learning iTool will become a standard classroom protocol for education. Our goal is for it to be the standard connection for helping teachers be their best in the classroom. Make sure you are connected with us on social media so you can download the App when it is available (free) in 2017.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

City High school report

A city charter school with a diverse population and a creative team of teachers is like a petri dish for developing Embody Learning. Download the report here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

On-site Training

Fully engaging emersion into Embody Learning practice with classroom-trained practitioners - educators who have been on the development team. We'll bring a team to your site to work with individual teachers, teacher teams, district staffs, administrators and curriculum specialists. Our professional development can be focused on preschool through high school and targeted to your population of students and your specific objectives. One day of training will surprise you and a program of training will - WILL - make transformation.                                                                            

Embody learning handbook

The Embody Learning team wrote the first Arts Integration Handbook in 2013. They will publish the first Embody Learning Handbook in 2017.  It will be available electronically and in print. Make sure you are connected with us on social media so you know when it becomes available. In it you will find an introduction of the model as well as resources to go deep as you master the practice. Look for rubrics for each of the Embody Learning skills as well as tools for assessment, student engagement, using the three core strategies (Human Clay, Tableau & Content Imaging) as well as many focused strategies, and much more.                                                                                                                              

Early Childhood report

Independent preschool and public school district programs provided the settings for us to study the effects of our work on teacher - preschool facilitators - practice. Our goal was to bring intention to the activities of preschool programming that anticipated readiness for Common Core standards in math and English. We looked at student engagement and teacher effectiveness. Download the report here.

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