Embody Learning®


What Teachers Say about Embody Learning


For Teachers

Easy and quick to implement

Makes teaching more interactive

embody learning enhances vocabulary

offers quick assessments

i overcome my fear

guides my work with the other teachers; guides us to grow together

i believe in what i am doing

For Students

lets students show what they can learn

creates mind-body memory

unleashes creativity

kids learn to take charge of their learning

exploration helps students get more out of the learning

also teaches self-regulation, language development, and body-awareness

helps students interpret things individually

For Education

Change what teachers do every day, and the outcomes of everyday classroom practice

keep an eye on outcomes, and on traditionally underperforming schools

solid social/behavioral tool

reinforce the learning that happens in all activities, not just sitting at a desk

Student take a different role in education: they learn to take charge of their learning

bridge from academic pursuits to social aspects

 We have developed Embody Learning in collaboration with teachers and schools across North America.

We have developed Embody Learning in collaboration with teachers and schools across North America.



Once I began using Embody Learning, students began to take ownership for the words that they presented. They were more fully engaged. Their work became something they had to perform in front of the whole class. As we used more EL strategies students connected mathematical processes to vocabulary they had worked with months earlier.
— 7th grade teacher

Overall I noticed an incredible increase in vocabulary retention and test scores. And most important, students took ownership of the words, and processes and the level of enjoyment they had with vocabulary lessons. In our final lesson students showed truly how far they had come.
— 5th grade math teacher

I observed a student who, visibly, transformed his knowledge base from non-comprehension to understanding. Through the use of Embody Learning protocols, he went from failing the class to As and Bs.
— social studies teacher

I rethought and redesigned final exams in College Algebra so students will do their finals through performance, not on paper. Students used their bodies to represent the Pythagorean theorem (very enjoyable and funny). I will be doing this as often as possible in all classes! Working with Embody Learning was a transformative experience! Students were highly engaged every day, and their knowledge of certain math concepts deepened with every movement.
— math teacher

We experienced a remarkable improvement in students’ comprehension of vocabulary and grammar. After using the Embody Learning protocol of “wording” in classroom demonstration, every student except two got 100 percent on their quizzes. Now we use it all the time. We routinely use techniques to get students on their feet and working on core curricula. This is the essence of Embody Learning — active lessons that embody content.
— School principal